Colorful, splash of color, vibrant, fun, joyful and interesting! These are the words I am using to describe the Crayon Experience in Chandler.

When I first walked in the big door, there was a lot of color. It reminded me of a rainbow, only a splash of color. When I arrived at the experience I saw a machine that wrapped a custom crayon. The employees gave me coins and I was able to put it in the machine. The screen allowed me to put a message on the wrapper. Another station helped put on the custom wrapper.

I went to a projector on a blank wall and it was a still image that looked like it was pouring paint. While under the camera, it appeared like there was paint spilling on me.

Another station had a paper that you could color. I put the picture under a screen that projected onto another screen that showed the car I colored. It also made it look bigger.

There was also a pinwheel station where you placed a paper under the splash guard. The machine melted the crayon and I spun the paper. I could control the speed of how fast it went.

I came up to a vending machine and was able to put a coin in it. It had colored clay in it. When I got my clay, I went to a table that had many different tools I could use with the clay. I made a purple and green braided rope circle. I was able to display it at home after it dried.

I recommend that you go to the Crayola Experience because it is a great way to explore and see new things.


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Karen Golden