As summer is rolling around, so are some of fans’ favorite conventions like Phoenix Fan Fusion, San Diego Comic-Con, Vidcon and MegaMania. Phoenix Fan Fusion is May 23–26 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

Cons and conventions are great experiences for those in fandoms. A fandom is generally a large group of people who post or support fan content made for things like TV shows, movies, books, YouTubers or comics. It’s obviously a great time for fandom dwellers.

 Phoenix Fan Fusion has a wide variety of local vendors. By purchasing the merchandise, one is also supporting the creator and the fandom it may come from.

It’s also a chance to dress up and act as one of your favorite characters as cons are a hotspot for cosplayers. Cosplay is basically dressing up as someone from your fandom, and also a chance to show off one’s skills at making costumes. If you plan on making a costume, make sure to follow the guidelines of the convention you plan to attend. They also have a variety of panels and meet and greets with different speakers. Panels can provide insight on matters such as voice acting, costume creation, and drawing. Meet and greets can have actors and creators that allow a small amount of time to interact. To see who’s appearing at the con, make sure to check online for who and when you can meet.

I haven’t gone to as big a convention as Phoenix Fan Fusion, but I’m super excited to go this year. Even at a smaller con like Tucson Comic-Con I still got recognized for my cosplay a few times and that was some of the best times in my life. Check out the con you want to go to online to find dates, prices, and regulations!

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