Team Sports Have Positive Impact

“All over the world, the impact of team sport(s) can be seen as professional athletes live out their dreams while serving as role models, youth athletes develop life skills and follow in the footsteps of their role models,” according to Wikipedia.    

Sounds great right? I know from experience that it is! First off, as a basketball player on multiple club teams, I have learned that winning definitely isn’t everything. I can recall multiple times when we have lost to teams in a tournament and came back and won the next day! It is experiences like these that will teach someone to never give up and to always try their best even if they think it will not be enough.

Second, I have had a great time bonding with kids and getting better at the same time. According to, sports are a great way to relieve stress. And other studies have shown that team sports are good for people just in general, too.

Third, team sports keep kids active and healthy, along with developing social skills and keeping them off their devices by giving them a set time of exercise. For example, practice and games.

So in the long run, I think team sports are great for kids and adults based on my personal experiences and my research.

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