At Easter, I like munching on a chocolate bunny. Last Easter, I also helped take care of the Earth. It’s almost like I was celebrating Easter and Earth Day at the same time last year.

Since they have vitamins to help plants grow big and strong, I reused the egg shells from eggs that had been cracked open. I did that by breaking the shells into tiny bits to make them into egg shell fertilizer instead of throwing them into the trash. Then I mixed the bits into the soil around my privet plant.

As a Defender Of The Planet, I do everything I can to help keep the Earth clean and green. When we were at a park one time, I helped to take care of the Earth by cleaning up all the litter and pieces of broken plastic Easter eggs that were laying around the entire park. Since all the litter was all stuff that could be made into new things or used again, I put all the stuff I cleaned up into a recycling bin so that it wouldn’t be thrown away and the Earth would be a lot more clean and green.

It took a lot of work to clean up all the litter around the whole park, but I cleaned up every last piece. Hopefully the park will be completely clean for a long time now since it took a lot of hard work and so much time for me to clean up all the litter laying around the park that day. I’m glad and very proud that I cleaned up all that litter and recycled it so that I could help reduce pollution

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