Have you ever been on a Zoom with a gecko? I didn’t think so, but I have. Thanks to SciTech, I can learn all about STEM without having to leave my couch.

On “Things Tuesday,” I got to learn about Static Electricity and Heat Energy, how Plasma Globes and Radiometers work, and all about UV lights. How Plasma Globes Work was a great one, and now I’m working to convince my mom to buy me one. Also, on “Make it Monday,” I was inspired to get out my dominoes again, and I built a large domino chain reaction. Science Scattergories on “Fun Friday” was, as described, very fun.

I really appreciate how well the Arizona SciTech Festival is working around the Covid-19 Pandemic. I would like to thank them for teaching STEM to all ages because I remember how fun it was to learn science in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade, and now I still very much enjoy learning about it in 6th grade. I looked forward to each day in February when I got to tackle days like “Water Wednesday” and “Field Trip Friday.”

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