Young Musician Shines in ‘Coco’

Miguel! Nice to meet you! Anthony Gonzalez that is. Gonzalez is the voice of Miguel in the Disney/Pixar movie “Coco.”

Gonzalez is 13 years old, has two older sisters, a younger brother and an older brother. All of them sing and act. Gonzalez says they compete and have fun together. Gonzalez began singing at the age of 4. He says his first commercial was an Oscar Mayer commercial.

Acting has always been Gonzalez’s dream. His desire is to do more acting and singing. Gonzalez went to public school until seventh grade and is currently homeschooled. Gonzalez says he is homeschooled three hours a day.

In order to get the part of Miguel, Gonzalez had to say a few lines and sing. Gonzalez says that doing voice over work requires emotion in voice, in the situations and pretending to be himself in the character.  

“My favorite part of Miguel was when he sang for the first time,” recalls Gonzalez. Gonzalez says singing “Poco Loco” was not his best song the first time he sang it, but when he was on stage, he did it well. It is now his favorite song.

Gonzalez’s advice for kids is, “Do what you love, follow your heart and never give up.”

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Karen Golden