Phone Inventor Graham Bell Born 170 Years Ago

Have you ever heard of Alexander Graham Bell? Most of us should thank him—he made the first practical telephone. 

He was born on March 3, 1847, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bell died on Aug. 2, 1922. He had two brothers and was a parent of four children. 

According to Wikipedia, Bell displayed a natural curiosity about his world. Bell did many things in his lifetime, such as help the deaf. He wanted to help the deaf because his mother and his wife were deaf. One day he was doing research on hearing and speech. Bell was led to make a hearing device. Bell was awarded the first patent for the telephone in 1876. 

As a child, Bell had a talent for art, poetry and music. He mastered the piano with no formal training and was the family pianist. Other inventions Bell worked on included groundbreaking work in telecommunications, hydrofoils and aeronautics.  

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Karen Golden