Ciao! Have you ever been to Europe? My family went to Italy for a whole month this spring! We had so much fun and went to many different places including Florence, Tuscany, San Gimignano, the Cinque Terre and Venice.

Our first destination, Florence, was really interesting. We stayed at a hotel very close to the Duomo. It was lots of fun wandering around Florence’s characteristic and quaint streets. Some places we went to, things we saw, and activities we did in Florence included going to an interesting herb and medicine museum, playing in a beautiful garden, drinking delicious hot chocolate, riding on a double-decker bus to see an exciting tour of the city, and of course enjoying rich, creamy gelato! We even got to see Michelangelo’s famous ‘David’, Botticelli’s charming ‘Primavera’, and his stunning ‘Birth Of Venus’!

 After Florence, we headed to the Tuscany countryside! We stayed on a farm in Arezzo for a week. On the farm, we saw lots of cats, birds, and other animals. Every other night we had dinner made with ingredients from the farm, and every morning we had breakfast. On the farm, we learned how to do archery, and even cook a meal! We made pizza and pasta with another family, then we all ate together. It was really yummy!

We went on an amazing bike ride tour through the countryside. We saw pigs, a farm, and a dog. About halfway through it started to rain heavily! It was lots of fun racing against the rain to get to where we were going!

 The Cinque Terre had many amazing hiking trails. On one hike, there was a rooftop bar where you could have fresh juice and a light snack! I especially liked the lemon slushy they had there. What was at the end of the hike? A beach in Monterosso Al Mare! It was lots of fun splashing in the waves, going kayaking, building sandcastles, and climbing on the rocks.

Venice was my favorite place. We went on a gondola, wandered around the tiny streets, went on a really fast water taxi, went kayaking in the canals, and stayed in an apartment where you could look out every window and see a canal!

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I had a wonderful and charming time going to Italy, and hope that I can go back someday. But for now, ciao ciao, Italy!


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