Did you know that at your local Lowe’s and Home Depot stores you can obtain a wood project every month? And best of all, it’s free! Find someone at Customer Service who will give you a kid’s workshop kit to make at home. You will need your own hammer, Phillips screwdriver, and paint. The stores will provide everything else including instructions.

The Home Depot workshop is the first Saturday of every month, and every year for Thanksgiving weekend, there is an additional one. The workshop kit includes a “Certificate of Achievement” and a pin with a picture of the project you are making. If it is your first time, ask for a Home Depot apron. You will need it to protect your clothes when painting your project and also to keep your pins. Many stores have previous month’s kits left. Just ask!

The Lowe’s workshop is the second Saturday of every month. You have to register on their Lowe’s How-To site at to receive a kit to make at home. I recommend checking their site the same day you pick up a kit for the next registration period. If you do not find a new kit to register for, check the site often because spots fill up quickly! At Lowe’s the workshop kit includes an iron badge, and you can write your name and date directly on the project.

I would like to share that my dad found a small and light hammer for me at Harbor Freight hardware store, and that I use acrylic paint. I have made many projects from both Home Depot and Lowe’s. Some projects are Christmas decorations, others are games, and others are gifts for family and friends. I hope you enjoy your creations as much as I do when you give them a try.

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