Do you like to build cars and have races? Then your excitement for this activity will continue to build as you experience the new LEGO Ferrari Build and Race attraction. It opened at LEGOland California Resort in May.

The attraction features a life-size LEGO Ferrari F40. Put yourself in the driver’s seat as you make your way through the garage to the racetrack. Use your imagination and creative skills to build, test and race your own LEGO Ferrari. Build and Race features three zones. A LEGO pit crewmember will meet you when you enter the attraction and share Ferrari fun facts and race history.

Then you get the opportunity to sit in a life-size LEGO Ferrari F40 and have your picture taken. Next you will build your own LEGO Ferrari and race it on one of three racetracks. Each track is unique with different obstacles that will test your skills. You will even see if your Ferrari clocks the fastest time on the track.

After you have created your own Ferrari and had a chance to race it, you can scan your vehicle to add other customized features to it and your minifigure racecar driver. The cars are digitally projected on a LEGO racetrack and you get to compete with other digital cars to see who wins the race.


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