Last month my family and I went on a Cub Scout Camping weekend at Camp Raymond in Williams, Arizona. Even my sister went. Did you know that girls can be Cub Scouts, too?

We met up with our troop, set up our tent and headed out for a cool hike. On the hike, we caught crayfish and minnows in a little pond. Another troop was supposed to meet us, but the Webelos got a little lost and it took a while for them to find us. Some of the older scouts came over on the hike carrying a snake. It was a garter snake and I got to hold it.

When we got back to camp, we learned how to make a fire. A fire is very important because it keeps us warm and it provides light. It got really cold in the mountains and one of the most important items we brought with us were warm sleeping bags. It got so cold, my sister said it hurt her hands to hold onto the swing ropes. The fire also provided two of the fun projects we did at camp. We placed big sticks in the fire, then we pulled them out and snuffed the burning sticks out in the dirt. This created a lot of smoke and we drew smoke signals in the air.

We cooked hot dogs and sliders, but the best thing we ate were S’mores—marshmallows that we heated in the fire and then wrapped in chocolate and graham crackers. My dad says S’mores are “iconic” with camping. It’s not a campout without S’mores!

I’m in Cub Scouts now, but someday I’d like to be an Eagle Scout. In order to do that, you have to earn all the BSA scouting badges. I had three already, but on this camping trip, I completed all the tasks for my fourth badge, the Bear badge.

Campouts are super fun. If you get a chance, you should really join the Cub Scouts. I’m already looking forward to earning my next badge!

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