Garden Goddess is a team of people who create healthy foods for your stomach. Suzette Smith started this business 10 years ago when she used to sell vitamins and then discovered fermented foods.

She started making delicious and nutritious fermented fruits and vegetables and officially began her own business, Garden Goddess. She is still building her business with four employees currently, and has plans for a larger kitchen soon.

Smith can’t stop talking about her fermented foods, because she is so excited about how healthy they are for you! Her passion is to educate people on the benefits of fermented foods, and how they are important to our gut health. In fact, gut health is so important to her that she wrote a book, called “Sasha & Sheila: B, C and Dill.”

Smith has a friend who got sick, and together they talked about how they could teach kids about fermenting foods to keep you healthy. After her friend passed away, Smith was inspired to write a book about their friendship and how you can eat fermented vegetables to give your body natural probiotics.

I was lucky enough to tour the kitchen at the Garden Goddess. I got to interview Smith and she was very excited for me to be there with her. After the interview, we toured her kitchen, and I met the nice people who work with her. I got to see how they make and store their fermented food products. I really enjoyed watching them label the food to send to the stores. The machine was so cool!

Once we finished the tour, we made B, C and Dill together. It was so fun to make my own food, and Smith was a fun mentor. The vegetables were good, though they take some getting used to; even my little brother and sister like them. Smith gave me a fermentation kit tomake my own at home, and an apron!

I think all kids could learn from her book “Sasha & Sheila: B, C and Dill.” The recipes are easy to make and they are very good. I have been drinking the Garden Goddess beet juice every morning and eating the red cabbage kraut. After reading the book, I know how fermented foods can help keep me healthy.

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