See Titanic Artifacts at OdySea

 Right now at OdySea in the Desert in Scottsdale, kids have a once in a lifetime chance to see real artifacts from the famous, unsinkable ship of 1912. The Titanic was the largest ship in the world at that time. One terrible night, the unthinkable happened and the ship sunk to the bottom of the ocean. When you see Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, you will be amazed.

When you first walk in, you will be handed a ticket to board with the name of a real passenger. At the end of the exhibit, a list of survivors will either confirm your passenger’s rescue or ultimate despair. The suspense is part of the experience.

Tickets are about $25. You can buy them online at  or in person at the door. Plan to be there for an hour. Kids ages 10 and up will appreciate the exhibit, and get through it comfortably. But kids who are younger or struggle with reading might need an audio tour to assist them. You will want to make sure to read all the stories on the display because they help bring the emotions of this event to life.

Some of the artifacts that have been collected from deep beneath the sea include fine china from the ship’s restaurant, silverware, articles of clothing, and models of the ship from early construction to completion, as well as a model of what it looks like now, underwater.

There are replicas of a first and second-class cabin, a boiler room, and an interactive lifeboat activity.

The best part of the exhibit that you won’t want to miss is feeling the example iceberg near the end of the exhibit. See just how long you can hold your hand on it before you have to let go and warm up!

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