Phoenix Brings Zoo to You

Have you heard about the “Zoo to You” Program? Imagine sitting in class with animals from the zoo. How about learning about different species of animals and seeing and touching them?

Jamie Alcumbrac, Zoo to You outreach supervisor, recently came to Tolleson Elementary School District Summer Camp with animals from the Phoenix Zoo. Alcumbrac is a former high school teacher. She became part of the zoo after working with bears.

According to Alcumbrac, the ZooToYou program has been around for 43 years. Alcumbrac says that schools call the ZooToYou program and schedule a time for the zoo to come and teach students about the different species of animals.  

“The Zoo to You program takes over 300 different kinds of animals, taking only four at a time to schools. We choose those animals because each school or class wants a different theme”, says Alcumbrac. The ZooToYou program is done all over the city and state. Alcumbrac says her favorite thing about the program is getting to teach kids about animals. 

According to Alcumbrac, the kids’ favorite animal is the snake. Alcumbrac’s favorite animal is the Galapagos tortoise because it lives over 150 years. 

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Karen Golden