Imagine being a child in another country, coming to America with a dream. Dr. Lupita Hightower, Superintendent for the Tolleson Elementary School District had a dream.

As a child, Hightower knew since kindergarten that she wanted to be in education. When she was younger she used to teach her cousins, siblings and the neighborhood kids.

Hightower has held the following positions in the field of education in the last 26 years: kindergarten teacher, English Language Learner coach, vice principal, principal, Director of Instructional Support, Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent for Public Schools.

Hightower was born in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, and her first teaching position was in Tucson. She enjoyed creating lessons and listening to children. Hightower has been a Superintendent for 12 years.

When asked, Hightower said, “To earn the honor of Arizona Superintendent of the Year, I had to bring opportunities for the children.” Hightower said that she admires her “Profa Dolores” in sixth grade. Her Profa had 44 children in class and did a good job teaching. Hightower says her future plan for education is to include “make a difference every day, wherever I am.”

Hightower’s advice for kids that may want to pursue education in the future is: “Go for it! It is an amazing profession!” 

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Karen Golden