Most people typically think of cars when they hear that Barrett-Jackson is coming into town. However, amidst all of those cars, there’s a place that younger people might also like. It is called STEM Fest. From geodes to virtual reality to offers for sailing classes, and everything in between, it truly is a festival to celebrate stem! If you can name it, they have it. But you may be asking “What is STEM Fest?”

STEM Fest is literally a festival of stem activities put on by SciTech, a non-profit organization designed to help children discover science. They visit many different events throughout the state in an effort to teach people all about the awesome things in STEM. STEM Fest loves to inspire kids in areas they might not have even known they were interested in. It was a pleasure talking with Kaci Fankhauser, the STEM ecosystem coordinator, and he spoke of her experiences in her youth.

“My worst grade in high school was biology and I failed organic chemistry two times,” says Fankhauser. However, she continued to explain that she really loves the sciences now. “My favorite part of STEM always changes. Right now, I’m really into bees,” she says. She hopes on behalf of Scitech, to bring an appreciation of STEM to today’s youth.

 SciTech is designed for all ages—K through 12th grade. If you see their signs, be sure to stop by and visit their booth. You will surely be surprised by the different activities they have to offer. If you can’t make it to one of their events, don’t stress, for you can participate in one of their programs.

If you are in sixth grade or above, you can become a CSO, or a chief science officer, which is a student that brings STEM to the community. And if you are homeschooled? Don’t worry. You can still do it. If any of this piques your interest, check out their website at  for more information.

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