Anytime you step out the door, you are in weather. There is always weather.

Royal Norman is the Chief Meteorologist with 3TV in Phoenix. Norman has been interested in weather since he was 10, or maybe even younger. “My aunt gave me a weather set for my birthday which is in February. I lived in Chicago. My whole family watched the, weather,” he says. In Chicago, Norman was able to tromp through the snow.

Norman has been a meteorologist for 37 years, graduating from ASU in 1984. His major was Meteorology and Climatology. The one thing that impressed Norman about this profession was that people are really smart. People he went to school with went on to get other degrees.

Norman says, “I have always watched the weather. The idea of trying to forecast the weather and how it can change all the time interested me. When it changes, that’s where it gets exciting!” Norman says events like the what is happening to the polar ice caps will effect our weather in the years to come.

When Norman was at ASU, a professor named Randy Cerbeny influenced him the most. “Even though I did not have a class with him, he was part of Meteorology and he helped me advance in my profession.

According to Norman, in the 80’s it was printouts maps and teletype machines. The maps were hard to read back then. “Now we get our information on computers on the internet. The information we get is pretty accurate. Weather stations are now automated. Pretty often we are right and it is so much better with our 1–7 day forecast.”

Norman says that a 7-day forecast is right 80-85% of the time. Norman says we can predict the weather farther and farther every year. “We get more and more information. Outlooks from the National Weather Service for 30 days is getting better. We are pretty confident with two weeks.”


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Karen Golden