Justice League Serves Arizona!

 Who is your favorite superhero? Superman, Batgirl or even Spider-Man? Imagine what it would be like to dress up as your favorite superhero and help others! Christina Fay, President of Justice League Arizona, does just that!


 “I’ve been a fan of DC Comics since I was a little girl. I dressed up as Supergirl for Comic-Con where I was recruited,” she says. Fay is 23 and got involved in the Justice League five years ago. This is her first year as president. Fay says that she is the first female president.


 Fay’s favorite characters are Catwoman and Supergirl. “I love Catwoman because she is sassy and makes her own rules, and I love cats.” Supergirl is Superman’s cousin, and he has always been her favorite superhero. “She is also independent, strong and brave despite her lonely background,” says Fay.

Justice League Arizona volunteers at charity events. “You can find us in parades at Comic-Con and at the Children’s Hospital,” says Fay. Fay has personally volunteered at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, police departments and at National Adoption Day. There are about 70 members throughout Arizona.

 “My favorite memory is when we helped these two ill siblings who were going to Disney World with Make A Wish Foundation. Before their flight took off, staff let us go down to the Tarmac and take photos by the airplane,” she says.

Fay says Batman or Superman seem to be kids’ favorites. They are classic superheroes that everyone knows. Girls love Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

I think they’re so popular because they are good role models and have lots of movies and shows coming up about them, says Fay.

 Volunteers need to be 18 years old to be a part of this non-profit organization. For more information you can visit the website at www.justiceleaguearizona.com

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