I entered a Bear Essential contest and won tickets to see Disney on Ice, Dare To Dream. During the show, five Disney heroines made an appearance. In the first story Belle told the tale of Beauty and the Beast. She had to become friends with the beast to break the spell he was under in order to turn him back into a prince.

Next was the story of Cinderella and how Prince Charming had to find whom the glass slipper belonged to after the ball. Next was the story of Rapunzel from the movie “Tangled.” Flynn Rider was asked to be her guide and take her to see the floating lights for her birthday.

Next was the story of Princess Anna from the movie “Frozen” as she goes to stop an eternal winter in Arendelle. The island princess Moana made her Disney on Ice debut this year to show how far she goes onher quest to find her own identity.

Along with seeing Mickey Mouse and his friends, I enjoyed discovering my inner hero when I went to see the show in Phoenix. You can enter contests at bearessentialnews.com and maybe you can win  a great prize, too.

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