Camping Under the Supermoon Eclipse

The third annual boys-only trip to Bartlett Lake was fun! When my brother and I arrived, we went down by the shore and just hung out. There are so many things to do at the lake like boating, games, fishing,and hanging out by the campfire.

Our Gpaw came a little later with his boat, then our friends went to get their boat. When we went on the boat we jumped off the boat into the lake. (It’s kind of cold!)

The next day we fished and relaxed on the boat. Gpaw accidently broke my pole. We went and played the game Disk and Slam. It’s a game where you throw a frisbee and try to get it in a can. My dad and I were the champions. It was so FUN!

We had snickertias (snickers melted inside a tortilla) and s’mores by the campfire. There was a super wolf blood moon (a lunar eclipse) on the last night of camping. It was neat watching the moon turn red and get smaller and smaller.

I slept in a tent in the back of my dad’s truck until it got too cold! Then I went into the camper. It was so much FUN camping with our friends!


***Eclipse Photo By Wendy Islas***

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Tara Woodward