It’s Children’s Dental Health Month

How often do you take care of your teeth? Do you brush daily and floss to avoid tooth decay and gum problems?

Chelsie Vanlandingham, registered dental hygienist, knew she wanted to be a hygienist when she started looking for a career path in high school. “It seemed like both a fun job and one where I could help people”, says Vanlandingham. 

Vanlandingham feels it is important to have good dental health because ”gum disease and tooth decay can lead to pain, infection and in the worst case, death, if left untreated.”

She says most dentists see kids at age 3 because that’s when most of the baby teeth are in the mouth.  

“A first visit to the dentist normally consists of a ride in the dental chair and a quick look in the child’s mouth”, says Vanlandingham. According to Vanlandingham, children should see a dentist every six months.

For good dental health at home, Vanlaningham recommends, brushing twice a day for two minutes each time and floss once a day. Dental health is important to all members of the family.

Vanlandingham says that the dental office where she works will be giving tooth brushes to students at local schools in the area for Children’s Dental Health Month.



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Karen Golden