Youngster Is at Home on Horseback

Yesenia Browning has ridden horses for five years. She started riding horses when she was in first grade.  For a girl at her age, she didn’t find riding horses hard. If I was her I would have found it very difficult.            

Yesenia started riding because she has loved horses since she was little. Her neighbors have horses and they teach adults and kids to ride. They even enter in rodeos. 

In 2015 Yesenia fell off her horse and broke her wrist. And she also fell again in 2016. After she broke her wrist it took her a while to get back to riding, not because she was scared, but to recover from her accident. The two falls she has had doesn’t keep her from doing what she loves and that is riding horses. 

When you meet Yesenia in person, she’s the type of person that brightens your day, or when you are down she’s the person you can talk to because she listens. Her personality is one of a kind. She’s energetic, always smiling and really cares for others.

Yesenia has a positive attitude and enjoys trying new things. That's why she got into horses—she fell in love with them since they are such beautiful creatures. 

She says, “Bivianna, my whole room is decorated with horses. I have frames, blankets, and clothes that have pictures of horses.” Just because she is so passionate about horses is why I decided to do my story about Yesenia. I admire the love she has for horses at such a young age.

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