Heidi Carman raised puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. Carman had a puppy named, Kerith, a golden Retriever, and noticed that she would not be good as a guide dog because she wanted lots of people’s attention. Carman decided to make Kerith a therapy dog.

“A therapy dog is a dog trained to help people feel better, says Carman. According to Carman, she wanted to start a business like this because she started volunteering at hospitals and wanted to make people feel better. Carman started working in the emergency room and Kerith loved the firefighters. They eventually started going to the fire station.

The 20 volunteers that work with Carman have many types of dogs such as, labradoodle, sheepadoodle, border terrier, Leonberger, Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers.

The goal for Carman is that first responders and dispatchers have less stress. A typical day with her therapy dog starts with breakfast, then to the fire department so firefighters can spend time with Kerith who is now three years old. “There are usually eight firefighters on duty,” says Carman.

 Carman’s inspiration is all of the first responders. “They are my heroes and are amazing. They deserve to have a lot of love. My ultimate goal is to make all first responders happy.”

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