You should definitely read this book, “Trouble in Zombie-Town” by Mark Cherverton, because there are exciting and mysterious twists and plenty of action. This is book one of the Mystery of Herobrine, A Gameknight999 Adventure series based on Minecraft. There are many zombie towns underground. It is filled with lots of zombies! There are also HP fountains like healing fountains for them to fill their HP to full health. If their HP goes completely empty, then they die. Each town has its own leader. The leaderrules the town until another zombie beats it in battle.

Herobrine is a virus in Minecraft and can create monster bosses to destroy the main character, Gameknight999. If I could change places with one character it would be Herobrine because he has special powers and wields an ender sword and armor. He found one of the zombie towns and almost killed six zombies, but instead he made them into one of his monster bosses. His zombie was the biggest, strongest and deadliest ever. His name is Xa-Tul. He was made of pure evil and hatred and sent out to destroy Gameknight999 and anything in his path.

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