“Dear Justice League” is a great new book where young fans of the Justice League ask their favorite super heroes questions about what it’s like to be a super hero. Fans want to dig deeper into the lives of these characters and find out what they do when they are not saving the world from bad guys. Kids email personal questions and get some pretty funny answers.

Aquaman, who lives under the sea, is asked if he smells like fish? His response, “No, I don’t smell like anything,” but Wonder Woman shows up and says he smells like seaweed. They ask one of my favorite characters, HawkGirl, “Since your name is HawkGirl, do you really eat small mammals?”

“No,” she says, “I don’t eat mammals, I feed them.”

Green Lantern thinks he’s a stylish guy and wonders why he’s asked if he gets tired of wearing the same shirt everyday. When Flash doesn’t answer their email right away, the kids get impatient, “If you’re so fast, how come you haven’t answered this question yet?” He responds that he won’t answer by computer—and in a flash, he does it in person.

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