You are driving on the freeway and approach a semi-truck; but as you look closer, you see there is NO DRIVER! What would you do if you saw that? It might become the future of driving, and may be sooner than you think.

TuSimple is a provider of autonomous freight semi-truck solutions, and has said its technology will be operational by 2024, according to Forbes. (TuSimple has its headquarters in San Diego, and offices in Arizona and Texas).

Autonomous semi-trucks sound like a good idea. They do cost less, because they don’t need a gas-powered engine.  But, if technology glitches, something could go wrong. This issue is important because it could affect the future of driving and delivery.

I think that these semi-trucks could be part of the solution to our delivery problems. Right now, people are not getting their orders on time, because of the unfair treatment of delivery workers and the shortage of items. I am for autonomous semi-trucks because they mean less humans driving.

For people who drive these trucks for a living, they would not lose their jobs. They can still sit in the trucks in case they need to take over. These semi-trucks may be a safer option for the years ahead.

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