Imagine taking your dog to the Desert Botanical Garden. I got to take mine because of a special event at the Desert Botanical Garden.

Susan Rubin is the special event coordinator for Desert Botanical Garden. The Desert Botanical was founded by Gustov Stark and a woman named Gertrude. According to Rubin, there are many botanical gardens all over the world. Some states include: Hawaii, Georgia, New York and there are even ones in Tucson and Globe, here in Arizona.

According to Rubin, the largest exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden is the plants and people of the Sonoran Desert. Anytime is the best time to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens, but, “February, March and April is when the flowers will bloom,” says Rubin.

Rubin’s favorite plant is the lithops. “It looks like a bread bun or hoof. It is maybe the size of your thumb,” she says. My favorite desert plant is the gold en barrel cactus. DBG has 1,300 different types of cacti.

I noticed a sculpture with three rings and a plant on top. Rubin says, “Those are exhibits to make things interesting for our patrons. Waterlily Pond thas created three sculptures for us. They are using the elements of the desert. The first is ‘Wind,’ and the second is ‘Earth.’ The final one is called, ‘Water’ and will be on display in our Yucca Forest.”

Dog Days at the Garden will be at the DBG again on Saturday mornings in May and June. For more information go to


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Karen Golden