Have you ever seen a Western Screech Owl? We sure have. Our class had a wild St. Patrick’s Day when Liberty Wildlife, whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release, came to visit Prenda Microschool, located at the Compass Church in Chandler. Liberty Wildlife’s volunteers, Doris and Leslie, came with several birds of prey.

We met Veto and Iris, the American Kestrels, Monk, a Cooper’s Hawk, and Stella, a Western Screech Owl. One of Veto’s and Iris’ super powers is that they are one of the birds than can hover. When American Kestrels rouse, it means they are happy and comfortable. Monk’s super power is to have accuracy of a thread through a needle, so that even if a quail is on the other side of the thickest forest, a Cooper’s Hawk could get that quail for dinner. Another cool feature is that when a Cooper’s Hawk is a youngling its eyes are blue, when it is middle aged its eyes are orange, and when it is fully grown its eyes are red.

This bird has a built-in camouflage, lives in a cactus and is as cute as can be. Can you guess what it is? It’s a Western Screech Owl, and Liberty Wildlife brought Stella to teach us about them. Stella is nocturnal but we were able to see her in the day because she was excited to see people. Her eyes don’t move, but her head can turn 270 degrees around. Visit www.libertywildlife.org  for location and hours.



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Stacey Lane