“Hocus & Pocus: The Search for the Missing Dwarves” is written and Illustrated by Gorobei. This is not a regular comic book! It’s not a regular book, either. What I liked about this book is what makes it different. The mission is

to help Hocus and Pocus find the missing dwarfs and in your traveling you try to collect 35 or more stars. When you’re reading the book, there are three or more magical pets you can use to help you on your adventures. When you get to the bottom of a page there might be a few numbers written on a rock or a tree. You pick one of these numbers and then flip to that page in the book. When you flip you’re hoping to find the dwarfs and the stars, so it matters what page you pick. But once you flip pages, everything in the adventure can change. There’s a chart in the front of the book where you keep track of the dwarfs and stars that you’ve seen during your adventures.

If you’re successful in getting 35 or more stars, readers get the golden diploma at the end. If they find less, then they still get a diploma, but it’s a green one. So what makes this book so good is you can go on all kinds of adventures and at the end you’ve either succeeded in getting a green or, better yet, a golden diploma. I couldn’t put this book down!

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