Tesla Revs Up World of Electric Cars

Tesla Motors was named after Nikola Tesla, an electrical engineer and physicist born in 1856. The motor the company uses today is directly based on the design of Tesla’s 1882 electric motor.

Its first model was the Tesla Roadster, which was the first car to use lithium-ion batteries and travel more than 200 miles. It was the first all-electric car. They sold 2,250 cars to 31 countries. But Tesla stopped taking orders on the Tesla Roadster in August 2011. I think that they will quickly become a collector's item because they stopped making them.

The second car was the Model S, a sedan that was first shown to the public on March 26, 2009, but was not delivered until June 2012. By December 2015 more than 100,000 cars were sold.

In 2015 the Model S was the world’s best-selling plug-in car. Model S has 5-star, the best, safety rating according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The third Tesla is the Model 3, an affordable automobile for the average consumer. This price starts at $35,000. It should be delivered by the end of 2017.

You can only buy Tesla online. Their stores are usually in shopping malls and can be found in 23 states. These stores allow the public to touch, feel and learn about the Tesla Automobiles. Arizona's only Tesla Store is in the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, on Camelback Road.

Tesla is the only car manufacturer that sells directly to the public. 

A new Tesla Showroom in Tempe just opened. This showroom also serves for pickup and delivery of new Telsas.

Some analysts call the Tesla S and X models the safest cars on the road. One reason Teslas are so reliable is because they have fewer moving parts compared to conventional cars. 

The batteries are along the axles of the front and rear wheels leaving more room for storage. Both the Model S and X are very comfortable and roomy. I was surprised by how solid they felt.

Tesla has kept its batteries the same size, but made them denser to increase mileage from 200 miles to over 315 miles per full charge. Nevada won the bid to manufacture batteries for Tesla over Arizona.

Tesla has free charging stations all over the United States with supercharge stations that can charge the battery in 40 minutes.

I think Tesla has brought the future to the present. These automobiles are truly magnificent machines.

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