“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” was released in movie theaters Dec. 14. So far it has gotten good reviews from critics.

I think this movie was absolutely and positively fantastic. The plot was wonderful, plus it had jokes and fun while still keeping the movie heavy enough that it wasn’t boring. The characters were all wonderful because none of them were perfect and a few even had their relatable moments. For a spoiler free example, at the beginning, Miles Morales, the main character, was partially singing along to a song—humming along to the beat and only saying the words that he knew, which I find is common when I’m trying to learn new lyrics. Plus the soundtrack was good, too.

I’ve become bored with the style of some recent blockbuster animation that I find repetitive. This movie, however, was jaw-droppingly gorgeous, magnificent and beautiful. I got to the point where I was crying about how beautiful the animation was. Was that just my over-emotional self or my animation fanatic self? That’s debatable. Should you see this movie? It depends. The animation does take advantage of constant flashing in many scenes due to the style and action. But if you are not prone to seizures due to strobing lghts, I highly recommend this movie!

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