Roblox Puts Imagination Online

Roblox is a free online game where you create an avatar, play games and make some of your own! There is some security, too. If you chat, and your chat comes up in hashtags, that means Roblox admin is monitoring your chat, and thinks it should not be seen by others.

Roblox High School or RHS, is a roleplay game where you go to high school! You can save up money by playing or you can buy things to play RHS with. If you have enough Robux, you can buy a game pass if you want. Game passes are when you get things to use in the game. One of my favorites is Enforcer powers, where you can use them to send people to detention, suspend them, even expel them! You also can send game wide announcements.

In another game you can work at a pizza place and make pizza! You start out as cashier, where you take orders. You take orders by clicking on a question mark, and saying the most polite thing. Then the person will say what they want. There are buttons in front of you, and you click the one that the person ordered. 

Then you can become the cook. That is where you make the pizza. There is dough on a counter to drag over to the table. There are ingredients on the side. Every pizza needs tomato sauce. Drag that over onto the dough, add cheese and the ingredients that were ordered. After you do that, look to the right of your screen. There is an oven. Put your pizza in it. Now you can be a pizza boxer. That’s when you drag pizzas over to boxes, and you click on the boxes. Then you put them on the conveyer belt to be delivered. 

Now you can be deliverer. You pick up a pizza by clicking on it and walk outside. There are cars outside. Jump into one. Use the arrow keys to move the car. Small arrows will show you where to go. Drive to the house that the arrows show you to. Walk up the stairs. If you are holding your pizza, the door will open and the person will take the pizza. At the end of the day, you get a check for Moneyz. There is one more job, and that’s manager. If there is no manager, walk into the office and sit in the black chair. Then you will be the manager.                                                                 

In Roblox games, you can send friend requests to other players, and they can send requests to you. If you get a friend request from someone, and you accept it, you can chat with them. You can also join their game if you want. If this sounds like a game you would like, ask your parents if you can visit  

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