I think “Jump The Moon” by Kathy Simmers is a great book because I love horses! But that’s not the only reason. First, it’s a heartfelt story about a girl’s love for a horse. The story is based on a true story about the author’s daughter and a special horse in her life.

The next reason I enjoyed the book is because the girl never stopped thinking of the horse and she never gave up on the horse. The girl never believed what other people thought about the horse. Some thought the horse was ugly and mean, but she thought the horse was beautiful and caring.

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United Way of Tucson

Can you read a book to a young child, plant a tree, paint a wall?

If you can, then you can be a VOLUNTEER. A volunteer is a person who gives time freely to do tasks that help individual people or whole communities. A volunteer can make a huge difference in the life or lives of people in need. A volunteer can be a child or an adult. A volunteer can help individually or in a team setting, such as a church group, a scout group or a company group.

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