3–Week, Tuition–Free

All Girls Jazz Music Intensive

Ages 10-17  

June 3-21 | Mon-Thurs | 9 am – noon


The Tucson Jazz Music Foundation (TJMF) sponsors this 3-week Jazz Music Intensive for girls, beginners through advanced levels. Beginners must have minimal instrument proficiency.

While you are learning to play ‘jazz’— a music genre originating in New Orleans -- you will also learn about ‘women in jazz,’ the culture and history, and ways to be ‘empowered’ in this male-dominated ‘music scene.’

Levels determined by ability, not age:

Level I (Beginners/Some Exp) meet Mondays & Wednesdays. Level II (Int/Adv) meet Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Intensive culminates with a public presentation. Field trips to hear ‘live jazz’ music in Tucson will be organized. Schedule is subject to change. $30 Registration/Supply Fee. Enrollment is online, and includes audition submission requirements. Enroll by May 15 to insure you’ll get a T-shirt!


Camp Type: 
Performing Arts
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