A field trip to Saguaro National Park can add an exciting dimension to your classroom studies and reinforce what you are teaching your students. Field trips are hands-on, learner centered, and provide a personal connection to the park. Participating classes receive a pre-visit. Post-visit materials are available for most trips. Below are our STEM/Citizen Science field trips offered this coming school year:
Grade 3: Desert Diversity - The Investigation and Science of Nature. Students discover their desert biome by investigating the adaptations that allow plants and animals to thrive in a hot and dry environment they call home. Offered at Saguaro East for up to 42 students.
Grades 3 and 5: Field Studies - The Scientific Method and Citizen Science. Students explore plants and animals as a biologist would through recording and analyzing observations, measurements in a provided science journal. Offered at Saguaro West for up to 62 students.
Grades 7+: Saguaro Survey - Scientific Studies Surround the Saguaro. Students gather scientific data on saguaros that are used in the parks long term saguaro monitoring project.,. Offered at Saguaro West for up to 30 students.
Grades 7+: Lost Carnivores – Searching For Lost Species. Students help park wildlife managers in a search for several small carnivores that have not been seen in the park for many years. Offered at Saguaro West for up to 30 students.
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