Linda Anderson from Acacia Elementary
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Linda Anderson admits that she took awhile to start her teaching career. Although it was something she always aspired to, she ended up working at a bank for many years before she became a teacher.

Anderson says it was her friends at church who urged her to return to school and finish her... Read more

sequined sparkly slippers
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Photo courtesy of the FBI

It seems the Wicked Witch of the West wasn’t the only one trying to get her hands on Dorothy’s ruby slippers. The ICONIC shoes, seen in dazzling Technicolor in the 1939... Read more

This summer my cousins and I picked a project from the book “Smithsonian Maker Lab Outdoors” that we could make together.

There were many fun projects to pick from, like building a butterfly feeder from a paper cup, a sponge and orange juice. With a cardboard box, a plastic bag and a couple of other things, you can build a cool air cannon that forces enough air out to knock things down. Also, it created an air ring, called a vortex.

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The Wildlife World Zoo has two new babies!

Mickey Ollson, zoo director, grew up raising all kinds of animals, ducks, guinea pigs, hamsters, ducks, chickensand birds.

According to Ollson, the zoo is 34 years old, on 100 acres with 600 species of animals. The new babies at

the zoo are a bobcat and a bison. The bobcat was born on May 26. He is not yet named. The bison was born on May

15. He weighs 75 pounds and is not yet named.

Ollson says the baby bobcat is being raised by two vets and a vet tech. They are more comfortable with

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A Tucson teacher couldn’t find any media that delivered news at a kid’s level. And what she ENVISIONED would not only help keep students well-informed, but would also sharpen their reading and writing skills!Read more

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I was able to attend the Arizona State University Connections Camp. Connections Camp was designed for Children with hearing impairment issues entering grades 2–5. 

This was the first time ASU had a camp like this for kids like us!! Before the Connections Camp I did not know any kids who had hearing impairments. I felt like I found a group of people like me in different ways but also in a lot of ways.

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 Imagine dreaming that one day you’ll become a professional baseball player. What would it look like for you? For David Peralta, left fielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks, his dream did come true.

Peralta was born in Venezuela and came to the U.S. to become a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals at age 18. The Cardinals released him in 2009 after injuries and shoulder surgery. Peralta began to play for the Diamondbacks in 2013, with the minor league team. Peralta says he was called up to the major league club in 2014.

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More than 450 monthly issues later, Bear Essential News celebrates 40 years! Read more

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Long-time Senator for Arizona John McCain passed away Aug. 25. Following a series of heartfelt memorials for the naval war hero and respected politician, and his burial at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, his successor in the Senate was just appointed and sworn in. Read more