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Let’s All Learn About  Water Safety and...

Learn How To Swim This Summer!

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A is for Adult. B is for Barriers. C is for Classes.

Follow Stewie the Duck to learn the ABCs of water safety!...Read more

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Heather Brekke, Teacher of the Month May 2021, sponsored by Bosa Donuts
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Heather Brekke teaches first grade at Basha Elementary. She started working at the school in 2003 after beginning her career in her home state of South Dakota. Brekke left Arizona in 2016 and taught in Florida for two years. When she moved back to the Valley she also returned to Basha Elementary... Read more

sculpture of a head, eyes closed, underwater.
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When you think of things you might find in the ocean, your list probably includes things like fish, sharks, whales, dolphins, coral reefs. And art museums? That’s right, the Underwater Museum of Cannes is now open for visitors in the Mediterranean Sea!

The INSTALLATION includes six... Read more

wall formations of mud bricks.
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Photo courtesy of History with Kayleigh

Egyptian archaeologists have discovered what is believed to be the largest city of the Egyptian empire, and it has been buried for 3,400 years.

The city, Aten... Read more

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