Michelle Hamptom, from Queen Creek Elementary is Bosa Donuts Teacher of the Month.
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Michelle Hampton teaches a second/third grade class at Queen Creek Elementary. This is Hampton’s 18th year in teaching.

While reading and writing were her favorite subjects when she was in school, Hampton says she enjoys math these days.

“I think my favorite subject to teach now is math, because now it makes sense,” Hampton says. She explains that she found math frustrating when she was young, so she can empathize with students who find it difficult. She also appreciates that there are many methods used to explain and solve math problems these days. Hampton is a native Arizonan. She went to school at Marcos de Niza High School then Arizona State University. She says she loves hiking, paddleboarding on the Salt River, and just getting outdoors—it’s one of the benefits of living in Arizona! She goes out walking her dogs and running, too. In fact, she says her students are sometimes surprised that she can outrun them when they have fun runs at school.

Hampton says her favorite thing about being a teacher is getting to know her students and their familes in and out of the classroom. “I enjoy going to see them play soccer or football,” she notes. “I have been blessed to have had so many awesome families come through my classroom over the years and I feel so lucky.”

Hampton was nominated by student Cloey, who writes that her teacher “is always prepared to help me learn new things and she is very kind and respectful to everyone around her.” Cloey adds, Hampton “is great because she always has something fun and exciting for us to do.”

Hampton considers her classroom to be a family and a team. She recalls a holiday food drive where the class was competing to collect the most cans. One student brought 98 cans the last day! Her class won bragging rights and a party. “Everyone was so excited,” Hampton says. Hampton likes to remind her students that mistakes help us learn. So when they make a mistake, they should not be discouraged or get down on themselves—it’s an opportunity to learn and grow!

March 2023