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Anne Kemper taught a second/third grade combination class at Summit Academy this year. Kemper has taught for 12 years. She says she enjoyed having the different ages together because the older students acted as mentors to the younger kids.

“I like that they are able to take on the role of teacher,” says Kemper about her third graders. She notes that the third graders could help with the challenging concepts, and second graders were encouraged to “try something harder.” 

She says that the hardest part of a combination class for her was managing time “so everyone gets what they need.”

Kemper and her family have moved all over for her husband’s military career. She was excited to return to the classroom at Summit Academy last year, and hopes to put down roots in Arizona.

Kemper was born in Florida, but moved to Iowa and then settled in Georgia during middle school. She and her famly are sports fans who cheer for the Atlanta Braves baseball team and the Georgia Bulldogs in college football. 

Student Ashlynn writes that Kemper is nice, kind and awesome, and is her “favorite teacher ever.”

Kemper knew she wanted to become a teacher from the age of 7 or 8, she says, when she would play school. So she did internships in classrooms all through her own school years to make her dream a reality.

One funny classroom incident Kemper recalls happened when students were allowed to dress up for school. One boy dressed as a menacing storybook character. He used a “creepy voice” to say that he would steal spirits. That was fine with everyone until he threatened to steal the spirit of the classroom pet rabbit. That created an uproar! The other students were so upset he had to reverse course and promise to give back the rabbit’s spirit. 

Kemper likes to remind her students that “we can do hard things...with hard work and practice, we can do anything.”

Kemper says one of her hidden talents is that she can “juggle pretty well.” After juggling many moves and multiple grade levels, she has certainly proved it to be true.

Teacher is Great Form



June 2021