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Sharon Granger has been teaching for 22 years— seven of those at Towne Meadows Elementary. She teaches fourth grade, which she loves.

Granger says that fourth-graders are a perfect blend of innocence and independence. “They love school, they love you. Everything is exciting,” explains Granger. “They still love learning.” 

She recalls that one of her first years teaching fourth grade, students were doing reports on famous people. One of the students became very excited and exclaimed, “I found George Washington’s phone number in this book!” He was looking at the biographical dates, she explains with a chuckle. 

“I come from a long line of teachers,” says Granger. She notes that both of her grandmothers and some aunts on both sides of the family were teachers. Originally Granger thought she would do something else as a career. But she found her calling in the classroom.

When she was in school, Granger enjoyed reading and writing and did not like math. But now, math is her favorite subject to teach, she says. She has fond memories of her teacher reading aloud to the class.

“I am still a voracious reader,” she says.

Besides reading, this Arizona native likes to spend her leisure time cooking and baking. Granger says she also likes to listen to audio books while she is doing other things, like organizing in her classroom or at home.

Granger says that one of the things that her students might not know about her is that she was once a sign language interpreter. She says that she used to teach some sign language to her students, but there has not been time to do so in recent years. She still has a full ASL alphabet taped to a cupboard in her class, and she says she will sometimes turn down the sound if an interpreter is on TV to see if she can still follow along and comprehend.

Student Ivory, who nominated her teacher, writes that Granger “has made us laugh and smile all year long. Her classroom is full of fun ideas and we are learning so much! 4th grade is so awesome because of Mrs. Granger! I am so thankful to have (her) as my teacher!” 

Granger says the motto in her classroom this year is: “Despise the mediocre.” 

“We don’t do ‘good enough,’ we always do our best,” Granger tells her students. 

April 2021