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941 Adonis sprouted.
Tang Dynasty China, playing cards invented

1041 Adonis was 100.
Macbeth crowned King of Scotland

1066 Adonis was 125.
The Battle of Hastings

1477 Adonis was 536.
Spanish Inquisition begins

1564 Adonis was 623.
Shakespeare is born

1896 Adonis was 955.
First modern Olympic games in Athens.

1941 Adonis was 1000.
World War II is ravaging Europe

1984 Adonis was 1043.
“Born in the USA,” the first commercial CD album, released by Bruce Springsteen.

Did You Know?

Wood Analysis Helps Identify Museum’s artifacts

Artifacts from the slave ship Sao Jose are on display in the new African American Smithsonian museum on the Washington Mall. The ship was authenticated by dendrochronologists who examined wood from the 225-year-old mast brought up from the ocean floor!

Learn more about dendrochronology at the University of Arizona Tree-Ring Laboratory!

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October 2016