Afghan citizens crowded in a room struggling to flee the country.
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Top Photo courtesy of U.S. Air Force

Nearly two decades after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, the Taliban regained control last month of most of the country as the U.S. began to withdraw.

After... Read more

Upper Deck even put Ayres on a card!
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Top Photo: Upper Deck even put Ayres on a card!

Many kids have dreams of playing professional sports when they grow up. One guy recently got to make his childhood dream come true when he made his... Read more

Nova, the new mascot for the festival, made his appearance alongside Boomer Bear!
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If you’re into science, math and related cool stuff, you’ve gotta attend a few Arizona SciTech events! This is the ninth year of the monstrously fun festival—Arizona’s biggest celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Thousands of events all over the state show people that... Read more

President Donald Trump behind the podium
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Top photo courtesy of Tia Dufour; Official White House Photo/

President Donald J. Trump was impeached on Dec. 18, 2019.

The impeachment was a major event because President Trump is the third president in our country’s history to be impeached. The first was Andrew... Read more

Photo courtesy of Allison Lince-Bentley/
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Top photo courtesy of Allison Lince-Bentley/

Floods Hit Venice!

Last month, the Italian city of Venice faced its worst flooding in more than 50 years.

In 1966, 6 feet 4 inches of water overwhelmed Venice and caused significant damage... Read more

Archaeologists opened the SARCOPHAGI
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Top photo credit: Courtesy of Ministry of Antiquities–Arab Republic of Egypt

Egypt is a country that is known for its history and historical artifacts, and the country has certainly not disappointed lately... Read more

Name Nasa's Next Mars Rover
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Think you have what it takes to name NASA’s next rover? Well, it’s time to get creative because now’s your chance!

NASA announced that K–12 students can enter the Mars 2020 Name the Rover essay contest now through Nov. 1.

“This naming contest is a wonderful opportunity for our... Read more

The Tramp is from a Phoenix shelter!
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Top Photo: The Tramp is from a Phoenix shelter! Photo credit: The Walt Disney Company

It’s the stuff that movies are made from—Hollywood animal trainers find an adorable dog at a... Read more

Impossible Whopper
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Wait, what?! That’s right, meatless burgers are becoming more common and Burger King is the latest chain to hop on the bandwagon.

Burger King is selling the plant-based Impossible Whopper at its more than 7,000 locations across the United States for the next month. It is testing the... Read more