Boomer and STEM
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Get in on the fabulous futuristic fun as the Arizona SciTech Festival kicks off its 2023 STEM events at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale on Jan. 21 & 22.

This is the dozenth year of the SciTech Festival and its second year kicking things off on the world-famous... Read more

Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022 peace logo
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The men’s competition is INTENSE in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and so are the controversies!

The World Cup is held every four years. After playing to draws against Wales and England, the U.S. Men’s Team barely got past Iran. But on Dec. 3, a more experienced Netherlands team... Read more

Rishi Sunak wearing a suit and tie sitting behind a desk.
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Photo Credit: GOV.UK

The United Kingdom has its third leader in seven weeks. Rishi Sunak took office on Oct. 25 after Liz Truss RESIGNED from office.

Truss resigned after... Read more

Poster with one half with lush tree and animals. The other half shows a dead tree with dark muddy sky.
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Top Photo: 2022 ages 9–10 Winner Young Reporter Maximus Bradley

Kid and teen artists have the chance to win prizes and see their anti-graffiti artwork on posters in schools, libraries and around town... Read more

A scientist walking on a path measuring the footprints left in the dirt.
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Top Photo: As the water dried up, incredibly detailed dino tracks were revealed in Texas! Photo credit: Dinosaur Valley State Park

What’s more than 100 million years old and still making news?... Read more

Painting on the left shows self portrait of Van Gogh. On the right is the original painting of a Peasant Woman.
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Top Image: An X-ray showing the hidden painting Image:

A previously unknown self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh was recently discovered on the back of another of his... Read more

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Top Image: The Santo Cristo de Burgos would have looked very similar to this galleon, which was built in the Philippines. Image:

Explorers in Oregon have discovered timbers... Read more

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Top Photo Image:

The Galapagos Islands are home to some seriously cool animals, and scientists are constantly studying the area to see what they can learn about the islands’ animal... Read more

Arizona On Track Summer Camp
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Arizona families can enroll their kids who are in pre-school thru 12th grade for free learning summer camps! 

When it comes to learning, the last couple years of the pandemic have been tough on just about every student. To help students catch up on both the academic and the social aspects... Read more