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When the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns occurred across the country, families were forced to stay at home. Needing something to do to keep kids and parents from going stir crazy, many families turned to slot car race sets.

Carrera has been making slot car sets since 1963. When the pandemic began, Carrera had its inventory flying off the shelves. Carrera makes many different themed sets, but a very popular one is the official licensed Mario Kart set with Mario and Luigi cars.

This battery operated set has 14.10 feet of track and cars that reach a scale speed of 370 mph. These sets are easy to assemble and the hand controllers are easy for little kids and adults to learn to use.

Slot car racing is not just for boys either! Many moms and daughters enjoy racing too. Some families pair up in father-daughter versus mother-son races. They make a sport out of it by keeping track of wins and times. Some families have even become creative enough to make miniature trophies or medals for the winners.

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