Bear Essential News offers five classroom presentations for Tucson and Phoenix-area students in grades 2 through 8.

These free presentations promote strong writing and interviewing skills and teach the fundamentals of journalism. We also encourage students and teachers to participate in our award- winning Young Reporters Program. Not only do young writers learn the basics of reporting, they also have the opportunity to have their news stories printed in Bear Essential newspapers throughout Arizona!

  1. How Bear Essential News is Made (for grades 2–4). Starting with the reporter’s initial story idea, Bear’s editors walk students through the process of creating a newspaper. Students get to see and handle a variety of fascinating materials, including original front cover art. Bear’s secrets are revealed!
  2. Introduction to Journalism: the 5 W’s & H (for grades 3–4). Bear’s editors introduce students to the basic tenets of journalism. What events in the world are newsworthy? Why did they occur? Who has the info you need for your news story? Students learn to identify the 5 W’s and H in a story and how to structure their stories.
  3. Bear’s Writing Tips (for grades 3–8). Bear Essential News has earned honors from the Tucson Area Reading Council and the Arizona Reading Association/International Reading Association. But what makes Bear’s stories so special? Students can learn what it takes to be a good writer from this common core-based presentation.
  4. Interviewing Skills (for grades 4–8). This presentation introduces students to the many facets of interviewing. From selecting appropriate interview subjects to structuring questions, students learn how to gather information and to communicate effectively. 5. Journalism as a Career (for grades 4–8).

Students learn what it takes to be a journalist, from having an inquisitive personality to education requirements. Bear’s editors give candid responses and share the ups and downs of life as a reporter or editor. All presentations are FREE and designed to be interactive, informative and fun!

Each presentation is about 50 minutes. If you’d like more information, or to schedule a presentation for your class or a group of classes, please call the appropriate number for your area.


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