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 Last month in Water Wise, readers learned all about the Central Arizona Project, an amazing system that delivers Colorado River water to Central and Southern Arizona.

Look at the artwork to see several ways that we use water. And since

it can be as easy to get as turning on the faucet, sometimes it’s easy to take it for granted and use more than we should!

Think of the many ways you and your family use water—

to bathe, swim, quench your thirst, wash your hands, brush your teeth, wash the dishes, clean your clothes, flush the toilet, keep the plants around your home green.

But can you think of ways you can cut back on some of that water use?

To get an idea of how much water you use each day, CAP wants you and your family to stop by the lower level center court of Arrowhead Towne Center in Peoria, between Oct. 9 and 23 to see the 16-foot water tower display made up of 120 gallon water jugs—the average amount of water a person uses each day here in the Valley!