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Goodtimer is a way to set house rules and helps your child make better decisions. If your child is having trouble with bedtime routines, if they are a picky eater, they fight with siblings and others, the Goodtimer could be the solution you need.

Goodtimer was invented by two parents that wanted their children to behave better and to understand that following the rules can earn them rewards. There is a storybook that comes with Goodtimer. After the family reads the book, which explains good behavior and rewards, the family will set house rules. Some rules can be chores, eating all your lunch or dinner, not fighting, not talking back, etc. Rewards earned can be screen time, picking out a movie for the family to watch, going to the park or just about anything that applies to your family as a reward.

Once rules and rewards are set, it’s time to turn on Goodtimer. When a child is behaving and following the rules, Goodtimer sits upright recording good behavior time, when a child misbehaves, the parent will turn Goodtimer upside down until the child corrects their behavior. Tokens are dispensed from Goodtimer when a child has earned enough “good time” and the tokens can be saved or redeemed for a reward.

Video that explains what comes with Goodtimer and how to set it up:

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