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Happy End of Year, Teachers!

Congratulations and thank you for helping to make this a successful school year. For May, Bear has a tremendous issue that focuses on “Animals in Arizona.” For students who are into wildlife or the environment, there’s all sorts of great news and fascinating features. There’s also a short writing contest that your students can enter for a chance to win 4 packs of passes to some special animal places in Arizona.

Here’s the link to the work sheets that go along with the May edition of the newspaper. Bear Essential is a great source for informational text, student writing and classroom discussions for the new Arizona Common Core Standards.

Before school lets out, please encourage your students (currently in grades 2 through 8) to become Young Reporters. Summer is a great time for kids to share their vacation and camp adventures. For info and the Sign-up Form click here. Phoenix YR wannabees or their teacher Advisers can mail completed forms to our office and will be sent their official Young Reporters Kit.

Tucson-area YR wannabees should bring their form to Young Reporter Night, which is every Third Thursday of the month. This time it’s May 16 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Peter Piper Pizza on Broadway across from Park Place Mall. Young Reporters receive their kits there, can go over their stories or story ideas with Bear editors, and get free pizza and drinks. There’s a free raffle for a digital recorder, too! Peter Piper Pizza (in Tucson) and Bookmans Entertainment Exchange are the corporate sponsors of the Young Reporters Program.

Have a cool summer,
Stephen B Gin
Bear Essential Educational Services