Teacher Worksheets for November 2017

Congratulations on making it through such a challenging year!

We appreciate you utilizing Bear Essential News and these monthly work sheets in your classroom. This fun-packed issue encourages young people to try a team sport this summer because so many aspects of being part of a team extend well beyond sports.

The final ELA standards-based work sheets of the school year are now online. Teachers can sign up for these work sheet notifications (which resume with Bear’s August issue) through the website.

Teachers should encourage their students in grades 2 thru 8 to sign up for the Young Reporters program so they can stay sharp by writing news stories for us throughout the summer (Bear Essential publishes year round). Participants in the free and proven writing program receive all the materials they need to get started! For details, go to http://www.bearessentialnews.com and look under the Teachers tab.

As a reward for their work, Tucson-area Young Reporters can call us at 520-792-9930 to reserve their spot at Skate Country for a special Young Reporter Night on Thursday, May 17 from 4 till 6 p.m.

For details, go to Young Reporters and look under the Teachers tab.

You and your teaching teammates can sign up for our weekly Newsletter for Bear’s free ACCRS-based Work Sheets for grades K-2, 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. These monthly Work Sheets augment the current issue of Bear Essential News, which is a trusted source for a wide range of informational text. Please share this link with other teachers, and they can sign up for these notifications through the newsletter.

Bear’s Summer Camp Guide continues in this May Issue.

Bear Essential Educational Services also offers FREE classroom presentations on journalism and writing. So after testing is finished, consider scheduling a visit. We like to present to a minimum of three classes per school visit, and those presentations can be different. The topics cover different grade levels: (link to presentations here) Call 1-866-NEWS KID (866-639-7543) to schedule.

Way to go—wishing you a sensational summer!


Stephen B Gin

Bear Essential Educational Services

Thanks for using Bear Essential News and these monthly work sheets in your classroom.