Teacher Work Sheets for September 2018

Happy SeptemBear, Teachers!

The news is amazing this month—Bear Essential News embarks on its 40th year of delivering free and fabulous newspapers to kids and classrooms!

To celebrate, the main feature and a News Highlights story give young readers a fascinating look at how this one-of-a-kind newspaper got its start here in Arizona, and what the times were like.

To help encourage students in grades 3 thru 8 to join the free Young Reporters Program, we have our awesome annual Young Reporters Workshop for Southern Arizona students this month, Saturday morning, Sept. 15 at KVOA-TV. HURRY! There’s still time to call to get a few of your students into this free workshop! Teachers (or parents) need to call 520-792-9930 to reserve spots for their students.

For Phoenix-area Young Reporter wannabes, we are setting up a workshop right after the New Year!

The new AZCCRS-based Work Sheets for this month are online and available here. These monthly Work Sheets augment the current issue of Bear Essential News—please forward this email to the other teachers on your team!  

This issue continues Bear’s 2018 Field Trip & Teachers Resource Guide, which is also online for the year. If funding field trips is an issue, you can check out a list of organizations and programs to help cover costs online under the Teacher Resources tab.

Get your students reporting for us!

Stephen B Gin,

Bear Essential Educational Services